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ZETEX STYLE 500 Silver Silicone Rubber

Oct 25, 2013Accessories

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: ZETEX 500 S/S, satin weave, is a fiberglass fabric coated with silver silicone rubber. It has high resistance to heat (temperatures up to 500°F), abrasion, flexing, tear and puncture. ZETEX style 500 S/S is silver in color, provides water, oil and chemical resistance, generates little smoke and is easily sewn or fabricated. APPLICATIONS: Removable insulation pads, protective …read more…


Oct 3, 2013

Premium TIG/MIG GlovesGlove, TIG, Clute, Grain PigskinPart No.: 10-2008Length: 4" cuffColor: Natural LeatherSize: LPremium TIG/MIG GlovesGlove, TIG, Clute, Grain CalfskinPart No.: 10-2036Length: 4" CuffColor: Pearl LeatherSize: S, M, L, XLPrestigious TIG/MIG GlovesGlove, Prestigious TIG/MIG, BisonPart No.: 10-2644Length: 4" CuffColor: Pearl Leather/ Green LeatherSize: M, L, XLread more…

FCW Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Oct 1, 2013Special Offer

Original price: HK$700Special Offer: HK$350.00Price Valid until 31 Oct 2013Brand:FCWModel:3000F Auto filter:XA-1001FFilter dimension:110x90x8.5mmView size: 96x24mmLight state shade: 4Dark state shade: 9/13Shade control: External Switching time:0.1msSensitivity control: AdjustableTime from dark to light: 0.1-0.9s  adjustable Operation temperature: -10 deg C - 55 deg C Grinding function  …read more…

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Basic Oxygen Acetylene Gas Welding

2012年 6月 19日Lifestyle

Oxygen Acetylene Gas Welding with the Oxygen Acetylene Torch. Two types of welds: Fusion welding and Gas Welding using RG 45 gas filler rod.